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The Top 10 Wedding Ring Trends in 2017

Wedding rings have always been popular to show commitment, love, and care. The beautiful tradition of exchanging rings on a wedding day is deeply rooted in various conventional wedding ceremonies and cultures.

Wedding rings have always been popular to show commitment, love, and care. The beautiful tradition of exchanging rings on a wedding day is deeply rooted in various conventional wedding ceremonies and cultures.

Since wedding rings have amazingly diverse history, there is a variety of options available out there to choose the wedding ring design that would compliment your wedding look in the perfect manner. From vintage designs to colorful center stones, let us discuss the top ten trends of wedding rings designs in 2017.

If you want to try some unique designs for your wedding, step out of the box of traditional designs and have a look at these dazzling wedding ring trends that you should buy immediately.

1.Rose Gold

Many people like to choose gold for a wedding ring. While this gives out a traditional vibe, the majority of women nowadays find pink gold as more appealing. This is because pink gold or feminine rosy shade rings are sure to compliment all skin tones. Moreover, a rosy shade flatters the diamond or stone embedded in the ring and makes it appear more sparkling in contrast.

2.Colorful Diamonds

If you have chosen a non-traditional way to celebrate your wedding, a colorful diamond is a perfect choice. These fancy-hued wedding ring diamonds may be of pink or yellow color. No matter what color you select for the wedding ring, this wedding ring design is sure to add some color to your ceremony, and is bound to help you stand out from the crowd– that too without appearing over the top! Similarly, if you want a bold look, try out black or chocolate brown diamond.

3.Floral Accents

The latest trend of 2017 is currently blooming with beautiful and aesthetic floral designs. These rings may also include petals, vines, flowers and other appealing designs. These designs seem to be plucked straight from a floral garden to add a whimsical touch to your special day. They may also be selected to compliment your wedding theme or to flatter the floral decoration you choose for your wedding.

4.Colorful Gems

Diamonds may not be the choice of every woman when it comes to selecting wedding rings. You may also consider colorful gemstones if you don’t like to go with diamonds. Gemstones are trending these days and are available in lots of amazing colors. If you’re a fan, you can easily replace the traditional pink diamond with a sapphire gemstone. Similarly, if you like to give a color change effect to your wedding ring, select a gemstone with multiple colors such as alexandrite.

5.Vintage-inspired ring

Following the wedding ring trends of 2017, take a cue from the vintage era and add the traditional factor to your wedding. Following the modern theme for your wedding ceremony, you can always consider a vintage-inspired ring trend. This will give a Victorian or an artistic flair to your wedding. Since it looks both timeless and trendy, this wedding design is the most popular design trend of 2017.

6.Double Shanks

What else could be a better way to show love and commitment than selecting a double shank wedding ring design? Show the affection you have for your partner by selecting bands of diamonds. This beautiful design gives out an architectural flair while displaying your unique taste in wedding rings. Being one of the most popular trends in 2017, this wedding ring design is sure to give a fashion-forward feel to your occasion.

7.Stacking Bands

Stackable bands have always been the most favorite wedding ring design amongst women. What really makes them so obsessed with the stackable trend is that they are totally customizable. Whether it’s about size or color, you can pile as many bands as you like. This unique and beautiful design consists of two crown-shaped bands that perfectly fit each other to make a larger ring. While you can wear a single band to show off the fine-looking design, you may also pair them up to give a more ornate look.

8.Twisted Band Design

With a twisted shank, you may also follow the trend of the twisted band. Whether you opt for twisted band or twisted shank, both are popular trends of 2017. This wedding ring design consists of a simple setting which gives it an elegant and stylish look. This trend is to be followed if you want to give your ring some interesting dimensions and a well-designed look. This wedding band design, too, can be customized easily.

9.Delicate Setting Ring

If you don’t like the large pear shaped diamonds, you may select the delicate single setting design. This wedding ring design is simple, elegant and beautifully complements the bride. This wedding ring design is sure to make an impact with its elegance. A sparkling small center stone perfectly sets in this simple design setting and gives it an attractive and elegant look. With this design, you can make your bridal look perfect.. You may also replace the diamond with some colorful gemstones to give it a more colorful appearance.

10.Bows Ring Design

Unlike the simple single stone ring, bows are full of designs and beautiful diamonds. They add the girly touch to a wedding ring. They are also sophisticated with a conventional wedding ring look. Being amongst the top ten wedding ring trends, it is a good idea to select this wedding ring design if you like an ornate look that would complement your bridal style. A single large diamond has always been appealing, but placing it beautifully with other small diamonds is what really makes this wedding ring design stand out the most.

The above-discussed information will definitely help you in following the current trends of 2017. The tradition of exchanging rings on a wedding day has been around for centuries and will continue. Wrap your precious occasion in love and commitment by selecting the wedding ring designs that would complement your partner the most.

From trendy to conventional, these wedding ring designs are must haves to add a personal touch to your big day. You may also customize these designs to make your partner feel special on this occasion.

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