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A wedding ring is a jewelry piece which lasts for a lifetime, and that is why buying it is a momentous decision!


As you buy a wedding ring, you consider all 4C’s of a diamond to make it the perfect piece of jewelry you can treasure forever. But if you only focus on the diamond only, it is similar to thinking about the icing without the wedding cake! 

The diamond is definitely one of the most striking elements of a wedding ring, but you must also pay equal attention in choosing the base, which will hold it all together eventually. Choosing the right base for your wedding ring is imperative because this decision can significantly enhance the overall appeal and value of your wedding ring. 


So what metal base are you opting for your wedding ring?

While there is a range of metals available that you may use for your wedding ring, the most appealing and demanding are of course the Gold, Silver, and Platinum. All of these metal types have always been the first choice for wedding rings. The factors which make them highly distinctive and most beautiful among all is their unique appearance, shine, sturdiness and the cost – giving us plenty of good reasons to choose one over the other.

However, when you visit a jewelry store, it can be really confusing to decide the metal. The savvy salespersons may pressurize you to make the decision right there and then, which is why your best bet is to consult with the a professional jewelry designer such as Brio

This will not only help you in gaining the professional insight but also in avoiding the unrealistic pressure of the salespersons.
Hence, before buying the metal for your wedding ring, you must consider some underlying factors of each of these metal types, including what style preferences they own and how they appear. 

Choosing the Right Wedding Ring Metal

No matter if you take time in deciding the right metal for your wedding rings, or you make the instant decision at the last

moment, taking care of some basic distinctive elements of the metal type is necessary because your choice of metal type

will greatly impact on:

  • The price of your wedding ring

  • The durability of your wedding ring

  • The overall appeal of the ring along with complementing the wearer’s individual style

Hence, to assist you in making the right decision, let us have a look at all three of these metals which have stood the test

of time and continue to be the most popular choice for wedding rings – both women and men – silver, gold, and platinum.

Silver Wedding Rings

A silver wedding ring is stylish, looks contemporary and comes with an affordable price tag. Silver, such as palladium is

considered as the cheaper alternative to the expensive platinum. Silver is that modern-looking metal which gives you the

appeal of platinum but at a fraction of the price. 

Just like gold, silver is also a soft metal hence, it must be handled with care. This type of wedding ring metal is worth considering if you plan to wear the ring occasionally or if your daily activities or type of work will have little impact on the sheen and longevity of your precious wedding ring. Another reason to go with silver metal type is that you want your wedding budget to be spent in other avenues. 

Similarly, if in the future, you are planning to upgrade the metal with a titanium or platinum wedding band then undoubtedly silver is a great option to go with.

Gold Wedding Rings

When we say gold, it includes both the white gold and yellow metal. Gold metal is beautiful and is soft in

texture. Gold has always been the most classic and traditional wedding ring metal – for centuries.

It has been the most appreciated and demanding metal throughout the history. 

Among the two colors of gold metal, yellow gold is particularly the first choice for wedding rings due to its

lustrous finish and rich color. Also, there are thousands of possible mixtures, and you may create the hue

of your choice by mixing gold with some other metals. 

However, the ongoing trend of gold metal wedding rings is now somewhat diminishing in favor for much

more trendier metals like titanium and platinum. But if you tend to go with a bit of revival on your

wedding day, yellow gold is still the most classic style and safest option to go for.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is the most popular wedding ring metal nowadays. This is a highly prestigious and valuable metal when it comes to wedding or engagement rings. The metal is natural white in color, beautiful, shiny and is considered as the most appealing backdrop for diamonds. 

The metal is 30 times rarer than silver or gold and 40% heavier than gold – and it does not oxidize or tarnish. The metal keeps its value for a long time. The rings made out of platinum are 95% pure and bring out the beauty of the gemstones remarkably. 

Another reason to go with platinum is that it is a heavy strong metal and cannot be damaged easily. Also, you can easily get your old platinum ring refinished in order to enhance its beautiful appeal -without losing a lot of metal mass. Since platinum is hard-wearing metal, the rings made of platinum are expensive too. 

The bottom line

All of these metal types have different qualities, but what you may like the most depends on your personal budget and preferences. To make the right choice, your best bet is to try on different metal types and choose the one which you are the most comfortable with both in terms of the weight and style. 
Similarly, see how much the metal type matches with your wedding ring and complements your personal style. Avoid following the traditional styles and explore the wide range of metals – from ultra-modern to traditional - and choose the one that best meets the individual style of your loved one! 


Which Metal is Best for Your Wedding Ring?

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