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A wedding ring symbolizes your status and vows as a married duo. It is a common observation that couples prefer to go with either platinum or simple gold wedding bands. But there are some who prefer to go with a wedding ring that has a slightly more flair.


With the advent of new technology like 3D printing, non-traditional wedding rings are increasing in popularity. The technology has also helped in lowering the cost of rings which no more fit the conventional mold, regardless if they are uniquely embellished wedding rings or custom-designed rings. This has allowed couples to look around and play with new styled wedding rings to reflect their true love, vows and forever future.

So now the only limitation is the couple’s budget otherwise the latest and unique elements like diamonds, gemstones, and laser details including prehistoric inlays design breathe life into each distinctive wedding ring style.

Here are some of the funky, delicate and fun inspirations for you!



Break Traditional Habits

with Stunning Unconventional Wedding Rings






For Him:

Regal Resplendence

There are many wedding bands that only feature diamonds, but regal resplendence wedding band create a more crown-inspired style by using diamonds.
Both the top and bottom design edges feature a quite seamless line of brilliant round diamonds. Also, a much larger, brilliant and round diamond is set all through the center of the band.


Architectural Edge

Architectural and dimensional inspiration when joining together, create a more multi-faceted sculptural work of art. This unique wedding ring is the best of function and form. Simply re-imagine the traditional circular wedding band as more of a cubed design. 
The design is simple as three square bands are incredibly held afloat with the help of goldenrods which anchors every corner. 
To make it more spectacular, round and brilliant diamond is kept at the flashing focal point.






For Her:

Patriotic Patterns

When it comes to ‘her’ wedding ring, nothing could be more striking than colors. This is the only detail that certainly draws attention to the hand. 
When it comes to a wedding ring, playing with sparkling, fun and colorful patterns and designs add a lot more interest and attention to the ring. This gorgeous and unique patriotic wedding ring alternates diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.


Feminine Flair

A non-traditional wedding ring need not come with a unique design or style but oftentimes, a non-conventional ring simply incorporates the element of an old traditional band but with a distinctive touch to it. 
How about a gorgeous, romantic and elegant yellow band featuring a beautiful raised heart along with the duo of diamonds, adding brilliant subtle sparkle in a classic design?





The Matching Pair

Inlay Design

Nothing could be more perfect than selecting a design that works great for both of the rings. Now you can easily design a ring by incorporating unique inlays such as Koa wood and then make it unique and personalized by adding details as per your choice.

Conclusively, nontraditional wedding rings express the individuality and unique love story of the couple. 
So, use diamonds, gemstones, and inlays more creatively and make a one-of-a-kind ring design that veers from the traditional styles and reflects a distinctive style.
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