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Put a Twist on Custom "Traditional" Anniversary Gifts

A Twist on Custom "Traditional" Anniversary Gifts

The tradition of giving anniversary gifts has been around for centuries, and over the years certain traditions stuck harder than others. In the Roman Empire, husbands used to offer their wives a silver piece of jewelry for their 25th wedding anniversary, and a golden accessory to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Each year in the married couples' life indicates a different type of anniversary gift, starting with Paper for the 1st anniversary, and ranging through different types of materials (such as silver for 25 years, and gold for 50 years) until the grand finale - White Diamond for the 60th anniversary. That's where they drew the line.

In between, you can find some amazing ideas for anniversary gifts. Looking at the Traditional material and gemstones associated, you can create many unique variations signifying the year and creating a custom masterpiece, second to none. These are just a few examples of materials commonly used to create specific annual gifts. And be sure to remember - these are all just tips, when coming to gifts - no rules should apply!


1st year anniversary. Traditional material - Paper & Gold.
5th year anniversary. Traditional material - Wood. Gemstone - Sapphire.
10th year anniversary. Traditional material - Aluminum. Gemstone - Diamond.
25th year anniversary. Traditional material - Silver.
30th year anniversary. Traditional material - Pearls.
40th year anniversary. Traditional material - Ruby.
50th year anniversary. Traditional material - Gold.
60th year annviersary. Traditional material - White Diamond.

Here in Brio we look at the occasion as a part of the opportunity. Instead of just finding a ring you like, we believe you should be a part of creating it yourself. Take the occasion as well as your likes and preferences into account, and start dreaming. Take the traditional materials and find the twist to make it unique and one of a kind.

After all, so is your relationship. 


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