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Choosing the Right Jewelry for Any Occasion

Many of life’s important milestones are commemorated with a special gift of jewelry. From engagements to births and graduations, sometimes the right ring or necklace makes the moment as special and memorable as it can be. Custom jewelry can be a great choice for many occasions.


A custom piece will show the thought and love you have put into celebrating someone that you love. As certain big occasions are traditionally commemorated with jewelry, this guide can help you to navigate making the right choice for your special day. 


1. Engagement and Wedding

Getting engaged is a memorable event in anyone’s life. Women especially will likely remember the details of their engagement forever. When you give custom jewelry, your significant other will feel extra special, knowing the time and thought you put into creating the perfect engagement ring just for her. As the wedding approaches, custom jewelry for both the bride and groom’s rings can add a special touch to your ceremony, and heighten the feelings of love and celebration on the big day.


2.  New baby

A new baby is one of the most exciting celebrations in life. Whether you are involved with a new baby as the dad, grandma, or maybe the favorite aunt, a gift of custom jewelry for the new mommy in your life will mean a lot. Husbands often follow the custom of a “push present” when their wife becomes a mother. The push present is a token of gratitude and pride for the sacrifice a woman makes in carrying and delivering a beautiful new baby. A custom band to match her wedding ring, or a custom diamond bracelet is a great option to let a mommy know how much she is appreciated and loved. Engraving the baby’s name or birthday on the piece will add an extra touch. Baby bracelets or earrings for the new little one are also popular, as gifts for birth or christening. A tiny custom bracelet that is personalized with the child’s name will make a fun and cherished keepsake for them to see as they grow up.


3.  Sweet 16 or Quinceanera

If you have a little girl or adolescent young lady that you love in your life, certain milestones should be celebrated as she grows up. In some families or traditions, turning twelve is commemorated with a necklace or special jewelry as the girl enters her teenage years. Most commonly in western culture, a girl will celebrate her Sweet 16, as a “coming out” party when she is old enough to drive or perhaps go on a date. In Latin cultures, a girl will often have a large Quinceanera party at age 15, which celebrates that she is becoming a woman. Custom jewelry makes the perfect gift for any of these special occasions in a girl’s life. Some cultures incorporate a religious aspect into these milestones, making a rosary or cross appropriate. Depending on the girl’s personality, she may even like a tiara for her special day. Any girl of 15 or 16 will likely love to receive a custom pendant or locket, or even a bracelet that shows she is growing up into an elegant young woman.


4.  Graduation

For a high school or college graduation, many people give jewelry as a sign of acknowledgment and pride for the graduate.  A class ring is a traditional gift for the graduate from parents or other family members, and it is a piece that can be customized in almost countless ways. Engraved bracelets, necklaces, and charms, are great ideas for custom jewelry gifts for a graduate as well. An engraved watch makes a great gift as well, especially for an aspiring professional. These gifts can be worn forever after, reminding the graduate of their hard work and fond memories of school.


5.  Anniversary

Custom jewelry is a wonderful way to celebrate a special anniversary with your spouse. Anniversary bands to add to the wedding ring are a great, simple option, which can be fun to collect over your years together. A special necklace or some earrings are a beautiful way to show your love, especially for the Silver, Pearl, Ruby, Gold, or Diamond anniversaries.

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