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Secrets to Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling for Years

We know that diamond is known as the toughest natural substance on our planet. It can be used to cut any metal or rock but a diamond can only be cut by another diamond. While it takes the temperature of 1292 Fahrenheit to burn a diamond, this precious substance can easily lose its sparkle and fade away, just by the touch of human skin.


Whether you receive a piece of jewelry as a gift or you invest in diamonds, it is one of the most stunning assets for a woman. They hold a special place in the heart of every woman and each one of them wishes to keep it as dazzling as it was on the very first day.

So how can you keep your beautiful jewelry eternally sparkling?

Before we share the secrets to keep your jewelry sparkling for years, let us have a look at certain situations that take away the sparkle of your jewelry.

  • Not handling the gemstones with adequate care and leaving them exposed to heat, light, and chemical-containing products like lotion, perfume or detergents. This will leave the jewels to attract grease and oil while masking the brilliant sparkle of the diamond jewelry.

  • Not getting your jewelry cleaned regularly. Since jewelry can be cleaned either by a professional jeweler or at home, it is important to always maintain the regular cleaning of your jewelry to get rid of excessive dirt. To keep your jewelry sparkling for years, aim to clean it twice a week.

  • Wearing the jewelry when you go swimming or to the gym. This will not only make the gemstones more prone to cracking, but the chlorine in swimming pools is very damaging to jewelry. You should, therefore, avoid wearing any sort of jewelry item before you take the plunge.

  • Keeping all the jewelry items--especially diamonds--in the same container. This causes the jewelry items to scratch against each other and lose their sparkle or shine. Store them in containers that come with jewelry from the store as they come with dividers to keep each jewelry item separate. Moreover, keeping all types of metals and gemstones in one container is also damaging to your precious jewelry.


If you have some nice pieces of jewelry, take care of them and keep them sparkling for generations to come. Follow the jewelry cleaning secrets shared below, depending on the jewelry type, to help keep the jewelry brilliantly sparkling.

Maintain the sparkle of your diamond

If you want to keep your diamond jewelry sparkling for years, use this simple tip to maintain it without hassle of frequent visits to your jeweler. Place your diamond jewelry such as a ring or necklace in a mixture of lemon ammonia and warm water. Then, remove the dirt by taking a toothbrush and gently clean the diamond before you rinse it off. Repeat the process until your diamond shines to its fullest.

Keep pearls white

Pearls are popular for their royal appearance. These delicate jewelry items are, however, naturally prone to absorb chemicals and get discolored almost immediately. It is important to save pearls by wearing them after you put on hairspray, lotion, and perfume. This will avoid the damage to the pearl’s surface and discoloring the silky shiny layer that gives pearls the shine that makes them appealing and beautiful.

It is also important to only use a clean and soft cloth to wipe off the accumulated dirt from pearls. With these simple steps, you can keep your silky pearls look stunning for years and without compromising on their appearance.

Protect the polish of sterling silver

Silver is the metal that is most likely to lose its shine and charm as it gets exposed to light and air. To keep your silver jewelry from oxidizing--especially when it needs to be stored in a container--store your sterling silver with an anti-tarnish paper and an airtight zip lock bag. Moreover, before you wear it, you may also use a polishing cloth to make silver jewelry sparkle even more. However, avoid dipping the silver jewelry in any kind of silver polish. While this may add sparkle to the silver jewelry, it will ruin the appearance of any gemstones or diamonds that are engraved in your jewelry.

Keep heirloom jewelry at its best

Many people fail to give their heirloom jewelry the treatment and care that it deserves. You must be very careful in cleaning your heirloom jewelry. Heirloom jewelry is fragile in nature and can be broken or damaged if not handled with care. You need to pay due attention to find out if your heirloom jewelry can withstand the scrubbing with a toothbrush or even soaking. If you think your jewelry can be cleaned in this manner, simply try rinsing it off with some warm water and then cleaning it by using a soft clean cloth. It is also better to pay a visit to your jeweler to get your heirloom jewelry professionally cleaned rather than risking damaging the jewelry to make it sparkle like a new piece.

Why visiting a professional jeweler is the best choice

You can easily clean your jewelry by following the above-mentioned techniques. However, it is very important to get your jewelry cleaned by a professional jeweler as well every once in a while. This is because professionals have right tools to treat your delicate jewelry in the best manner and without causing any further damage.

Also, in the case of any problems, you can always call back the professional and seek help. After all, your stunning jewelry is not only precious but also expensive. While you aim to maintain regular cleaning of your jewelry, always make sure that the professional jeweler holds good reputation and can be trusted with your precious gemstones.

By giving your jewelry the care it deserves, your stunning gemstones and accessories can stay sparkling and gleaming for every special occasion.

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