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Secrets to Bring Romance Back to Your Engagement Rings

You know the most tried and trusted way to bring romance back to your engagement rings is to personalize your ring!


From beautifully engraving initials on the band to custom designed and entirely exclusive ring, a bespoke ring is the true reflection of your love and understanding. Also, design choices provide less expected but secret little ways to truly give your engagement ring a more personal meaning.
Custom designed engagement rings let you incorporate beautiful elements which are rich in sentimental significance for both of you as a couple but something that is not obvious to the world. You can add great personal touch to an engagement ring by sticking to these timeless and classic ideas.

Color Connotations

Choose a colored gemstone with significance to you as the couple. This will imbue the ring with a great personal meaning and without making a major or bold statement to the world. You may go with your loved one's birthstone such as a sapphire engagement ring for the September birthday. Depending on how it would appear, you can also incorporate two birthstones of both of you into one ring.
Apart from birthstone, you may also choose a colored gemstone that would evoke a more special place such as teal sapphire if the couple loves the ocean or emerald if the best moments are associated with camping in the wood.

Meaningful Numbers

Another way to bring romance back to your engagement ring is to give it a more personal meaning by featuring a particular number of gemstones, relevant to the couple or your relationship. For instance, if you’ve been together for 7 years, you can go with a ring with accent diamonds on each side of the main center gemstone. 
Or if your relationship anniversary is on 3rd of the month, you may go with a three-stone ring as your sentimental choice.

Sentimental Seasons

You may go with an engagement ring design that is evocative of the season you two met. For instance, you may go with a Willow Ring that calls to mind the curving exposed vines and leaves of fall or a Venus Ring that reflects thoughts of great summer beach days that you spent together. 
Or if you’ve chosen the great month of December for your engagement, how about a diamond ring featuring many pave diamond accents in platinum or icy white gold such as Waverly Rings that resembles the stunning white of a winter snowy day.

Secret Message

In France and Europe people used ‘gemstones language’ to spell out sentimental and meaningful words in their rings, for instance, the first letter of both of you on a gemstone. Maybe modern couples wouldn’t prefer multicolored gemstone jewelry especially as the engagement ring so you can go with a gemstone that starts with the first initial of your loved one or a word that holds a special meaning to both of you as the couple.

To get more creative ideas to bring romance back to your ring, contact Brio.

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