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What Makes The Red Diamond The Most Precious and Expensive?


Diamonds come in all shapes and size. They occur in all colors of the spectrum. Almost all the fancy colored diamonds are quite rare but no fancy diamond is more so than the precious Red Diamond.  

Mostly found in Brazil, Africa, and Australia, red diamonds are extremely rare. And when it comes to gemstones, the rarer, the more expensive it is. The elements that define the value of a diamond are its color and clarity. Red diamonds are so rare that only 20 to 30 true gem quality diamonds are known to exist. Most of them weigh even less than half a carat!

Do you know that the most famous 5.11-carat Moussaieff Red Diamond was obtained for $8 million back in 2011 and it is the largest red diamond ever discovered in the world?


Red Diamonds Are the Most Expensive Enigma

Red diamond is the most expensive gemstone, coming in at #1 with the price tag of $1 million per carat. Since the red diamond is not widely recognized or known, it is considered  an enigma. Being the most precious and rarely found gemstone in the world, red diamonds are scarcely available on the market. The rarity of red diamonds is dictated by nature.
Red diamonds contain the distinctive composition of chemical elements that govern their value, color and ultimately, desirability.
It is actually impossible to answer the question; what makes this gemstone so beautifully red in color? They exist in just one color intensity i.e. Fancy. Not to mention, the clarity of red diamonds also range from Included to Flawless, just like all other colored diamonds.

Famous Red Diamonds and Their Worth

As stated earlier, the rarity of this gemstone makes it the most valuable and desirable diamond

among all. As per experts’ predictions, the red diamond will soon become rarest and this will

cause their current price to double in just a couple of years.
Two of the rarest and most desirable red diamonds include;

The Hancock Red Diamond

It is a brilliant round cut diamond that weighs around 0.95ct and is named after its well-known

collector – Warren Hancock. The gemstone is not recognized for its size but for its unique

purplish-red hue. Mr. Hancock, in 1956, paid around $13500 for the diamond and it was sold in

1987 for $880,000

The Supreme Purple Star

The 2 to 5, brilliantly round cut diamond is a study in individuality. It is recognized as the deep purple Supreme Purple Star. The exact clarity and color of the diamond are not yet revealed. The most unique element of this spectacular gemstone is that when you look at it from one particular angle, it appears deep purple in color, whereas, when you rotate the diamond in the light, its color appears to be vivid to deep purplish red.
The mystifying anatomy of the red diamond will continue to make it one of the most magical anomalies in nature and only a few people will see its beauty in their lifetime.
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