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Most Popular Jewelry Colors for This Season

This year jewelry trends are taking cues from the 90s. So how about taking a look at the major color trends being revived in 2018!


Maybe you will be surprised to see that some of these latest jewelry color trends are already buried in your old jewelry box. However, not all of them can be found in a jewelry box as they are now in trend with the newest twist. The latest jewelry color trends are classic hues that will surely persuade you to invest in some new items.
So without further ado, let’s have a look at the most popular jewelry color trends in 2018.




The most popular color in 2018 and a trend that is likely to continue till 2019 is Greenery. Well, don’t wonder as

it is the same old green but this year, in the world of jewelry trends, it actually means a lot! 
There is a lot of obsession with green jewelry items. Since it is a spring shade it will work perfectly for any season,

mood, day or occasion.

Pale Dogwood

For this season, pale dogwood is taken as the most favorite shade of pink. After all, every fashion jewelry season

comes with its own shade of pink. In fact, the lighter the shade the trendier it is. Another great thing about choosing

pale dogwood for your next custom-made jewelry item is that it compliments with all skin colors. 
If you are not sure how this color will compliment on your skin, you can go and try many jewelry items of this particular

shade available in the market. 
There has been no fashion trend or season that wouldn’t feature pink (lighter or darker shade) and thus, this brilliant

shade takes the first spot this year.

Milky Pearl Shades

Pearl is the jewelry must-have. Regardless if you have to attend an evening party or a formal dinner,

pearls are never out of fashion. 
This year, milky shades pearl are working their way up. With that, the combination of silver design

with fresh pearl is the most talked about jewelry items this year. 
Pearls never fail to gather fashionistas or to grab their attention. This jewelry trend proves that pearl

has lost its old status of ‘for middle age women only’.  
There is no big jewelry designer who wouldn’t add pearls to add value and elegance to its collection.

Apart from milky shade pearls, white, black and metallic shades are also popular among youngsters and

casual daily wear jewelry items.

Golden and Silver
It isn’t wrong to call this combination mother of all jewelry trends. How can we forget gold and silver in our

discussion of jewelry trends! 
These jewelry items are the must-have items in your jewelry merchandise! The beautiful and classic combination

of gold and silver has always been a timeless and romantic color for every woman.
To get beautiful and amazing custom-made jewelry or to get more information about the latest jewelry trends,

contact Brio right away.

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