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Every gemstone unveils limitless creative possibilities and owns its magnificent traits. And when we start associating gemstones with different months, it gets even more special.


Speaking of which, individuals are born in the month of October are connected with vibrant Tourmaline and Opal. And when we say opal and tourmaline, we refer to absolute gorgeousness and gorgeous colors of these two beautiful gemstones.
Being two of the most colorful gemstones on planet Earth, they are valuable and highly tempting in appearance. And each one of them contains many unique traits which are discussed below.


The Qualities of Opal

The name opal is derived from Sanskrit and Latin words ‘upala’ and ‘opalus’ respectively, which mean ‘precious stone’.
Since the middle ages, opal is considered the bringer of charm and good luck. It appears iridescent with a unique milky tone. The gemstone is the result of seasonal rains which commonly drench dry ground in semi-desert areas such as the Australia’s outback.
Opal is popular for its play of colors – flashing rainbow colors. It’s perhaps the only gemstone that is classified into two different categories — common and precious. Precious opal displays a vast array of colors and it hues range all across the spectrum, from single color of the rainbow to all the hues.
In the Elizabethan England era, opal was treasured for its uniqueness. Shakespeare wrote of it as ‘queen of gems’. Also, Queen Victoria gifted her children jewelry made of opal gemstone.

Healing Traits

Opal releases inhibitions and intensifies emotions. It is known as the emotional stone which reflects the wearer’s mood. The stone encourages both independence and freedom and induces mystical and psychic visions along with enhancing the cosmic consciousness.
People connected with the charm of opal are typically creative and original. If you wear the stone in the form of a jewel,

it helps in releasing anger and claiming self-worth, expressing one’s true being. Opal encourages the artistic flair and

strengthens memory. It is also known to bring faithfulness, loyalty, and spontaneity.

Intriguing Facts about Opal

There are many intriguing facts associated with opal. Here are some of them:

  • Opal is also found on Mars and that includes it in the list of all those few gemstones that have been found outside of

planet Earth.

  • Australia accounts for 95% opal production in the world. Opal found in Australia is mostly white in color .

  • The favorite gemstone of the great Queen Victoria was opal. She claimed to fall in love with the mystic and intoxicating

colors of opal.

  • In Australia, there is a legend that opal governs stars, guides love and controls gold mines.

The Qualities of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is popular for its multi-colored appearance. It is the 8th anniversary gemstone and is related to the zodiac sign ‘Leo’. Tourmaline took its name from Sinhalese – Sri Lanka – which means ‘stone of mixed colors’
The gemstone is mined all around the world including Kenya, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, the USA, Tanzania, Siberia and Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
The beautiful gemstone is known for its chemical and medicinal properties. In the Far East, the gemstone is highly regarded and desired by the royals. According to ancient legends, the gemstone travels along rainbows, capturing the many appealing colors of the rainbow. The most valuable of all colors is the indicolite (blue-green and blues), verdelite (greens) and red and pink (rubelite).

Healing Traits

Tourmaline is famous to strengthen spirit and mind. It has been a popular part of the Far East and ancient

medicine. The gem is used by Egyptians as a remedy for both emotional and physical pain. 
They firmly believed that tourmaline has the power to heal blood diseases, disorders of nervous system,

and lymph glands. 
The precious gemstone is still popular for its healing properties and considered to promote creative juices

and artistic flair. 
The gemstone is credited with the immense power of enhancing self-confidence, understanding, and

amplification of the physic energies of a person. It aids in communication and concentration and

neutralizes the negative energies as it dispels the grief and fear.
Many people use this precious gemstone to relax the mind and body and to treat diseases associated

with bones, hearts, blood and the brain.Intriguing Facts

Intriguing Facts about Tourmaline

Here are some facts associated with the mixed color gemstone:

  • Tourmaline occurs in all the colors of rainbow and sometimes in the combination of more than one color.

  • Tourmaline can be used to induce an electrical charge and is used in the production of submarine instrumentation and sensitive gauges including other equipment used in war.

  • The gem is used for fashioning toggles and carving purpose or jacket buttons which are worn by royal courts and rich individuals.

  • The body of the last Empress of Ch’ing Dynasty rests on tourmaline pillow as she loved the gemstone. 


The gemstones associated with the month of October hold significance both in history and recent times. While Romans considered the beauties a symbol of hope and love, people use it today to strengthen the mind and body. 
Orientals called these stones the ‘anchor of hope’ and Arabs believed that they are the precious fallen stones from heaven – in flashing of lightning
To summarize, birthstones are not only connected with the month but they also depict the intrinsic traits of people associated with the gemstones. These stones and their popularity date back to ancient history and they hold incredible powers.
So, if you too are charmed by the beauty of these precious gemstones, take this chance and gift them to a loved one born in October. Moreover, if you need more information and professional insight about gemstones, head over to Brio right away!



October’s Birthstones – Vibrant Opal and Tourmaline

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