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The Smart Ways to Wear Your Old Jewelry

Do you have a piece of jewelry that was given to you by your grandmother or which you don’t feel like wearing anymore? Are you wondering what to really do with all of the saved jewelry? At one point in time, we all have some jewelry that we either don’t like wearing, is broken, or is too old to ever be worn again without any modifications.

Fortunately, no matter what your reasons are, you can always make use of beautiful old pieces of jewelry in some way or the other. In fact, you can now even wear the said old and broken jewelry in many smart and trending ways. Moreover, you may find many jewelry stores in the market which specifically sell these old and vintage pieces of jewelry and let you design your own creative pieces.

Whether you wear it in combination with your recently bought new jewelry, layer it up, or wear it as a hair accessory, there are smart ways which can add the dash of vintage jewelry magic to your new look.

Style ordinary and old-fashioned pieces differently and blaze a trail by creating new trends.

Let us have a look at some exclusive ways to wear old jewelry pieces, that can be worn with any outfit and to complement any dress code at every occasion.

Personalize Your Old Jewelry

If you have old pendants, you can personalize them in a variety of ways. This can be done by getting your name engraved or that of your loved one. Since many celebrities are fond of making use of this smart way to personalize old fashion jewelry, you can too, create a piece for yourself.

Apart from pendants, you may also use rings, necklaces, or bracelets for name printing. Get your complete name engraved on your jewelry piece or only the initials of your name, your partner’s name or that of all of your family members. You may also use these jewelry pieces to engrave the date or a specific location that brings life to your beautiful memories.

In addition to wearing these personalized items all by yourself, you may also gift them to your friends or family to create a unique and creative expression of love.

Style Your Casual Look

Whether you are to attend a big event or are simply going out for lunch with your colleagues, you can stylize your everyday casual look in a much smarter way. Wear your fine jewelry with your casual attire to add a perfect style to your ordinary look.

For a trendier casual look, you may make use of your old drop earrings, dangle earrings, stud earrings, or hoop earrings. You may also use the jewelry that incorporates colorful gemstones in simple or bold vintage style designs to create a charming and attractive style for your casual outfit. Moreover, you may also take a tennis bracelet or solitaire earrings into consideration that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Create Unique Accessories

To get a touch of glamour, take old or broken jewelry and revamp it by using it as a hair accessory. You may make a beautiful chain with studded gemstones and wear it around your classic bun, keep your hair half pinned and wear the beautiful delicate chain to stylize

the look, or simply add the beautiful gemstones with your headscarf or headband to create an excellent creative look for yourself while you dress in the summer time.

In addition, you can also use your vintage jewelry and add charm to your boring belts. If you don’t have any belt, you can get one from a store and stylize it uniquely by adding a piece of beautiful old jewelry. Make it more fabulous by dressing up this belt with a classic black outfit or with your favorite jeans while you make the buckle the most appealing part of your look.

Mix, Match and Layer up Your Old Jewelry

Wearing multiple necklaces by layering and matching them up is the hottest new trend. You, however, need to be careful in carrying out this look neatly. You must create a look that appeals to your personal style and at the same time looks charming. To bring a bold look, wear a heavy piece with two or three delicate pieces or you may also stack necklaces, bracelets or rings to create an eye-catching and alluring look.

To layer up multiple jewelry items creatively, you can mix and match the metal color, play around with jewelry items of different sizes, combine old and new jewelry trends, stack different rings studded with colorful gemstones in one finger, or choose any other smart way to create a desirable look. Nevertheless, layering up the jewelry items looks stunning when done properly.

Create an Offbeat Look

Not everyone can carry an edgy look. To stylize yourself by adding an interesting appeal to your simple outfit, try wearing a bold vintage design with your dress. You can create a totally new, non-traditional and quirky look by mixing and matching the contemporary with unusual jewelry items. You can also customize your simple jewelry by adding emoticons of your choice or symbols of your zodiac signs.

While such smart ways of making use of vintage and offbeat jewelry are most commonly observed amongst many famous celebrities, you can embrace these styles beautifully in simple and smart ways.

Moreover, if you like to stylize yourself with a classic royal appeal to your outfit, wear a hat with your dress by adding a beautiful vintage jewel item in your headpiece.

You can create as many looks as you like by repurposing your old jewelry in creative ways. Whether you wish to rock your casual outfit or add style to your expensive simple dress by wearing personalized jewelry, you will definitely stand out and make yourself look like a celebrity with a different and unique sense of style.

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