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Bracelets have been in use for a long time for several purposes.

In ancient times, bracelets were worn to display wealth and to display meaningful symbols.


The reasons are pretty much same in today’s era as well. We use them as piece of jewelry to show off our style and individuality.
Most of us buy an intricate bracelet because we find it beautiful or to emulate some celebrity. But what do you do with these beautiful pieces once they are off-trend or get broken?

We all have some pieces of bracelets in our jewelry boxes which we don’t wear anymore. For some, it is the jewelry given to them by their grandparents, bracelets that have broken off, or bangles which we don’t find attractive anymore. So how to go about these old bracelets? How to reuse them?

No matter for what reasons you have abandoned these pieces, there are always some creative ways to make something beautiful out of these dumped bracelets. In fact, you can easily wear these old or broken bracelets in many artistic and trending ways to complement different styles and outfits. 

To your surprise, there are many stores out there that now sell these old and vintage bracelets and other jewelry items to help you create a  signature look that enhances your personal style in a unique manner.
Old bracelets are perfect pieces to wear in combination with some new on-trend pieces. You may stack them up, wear them on their own, or use them as hair accessories. Similarly, there are many ways to add a dash of vintage flair to your modern look with a broken bracelet. Stylize these old-fashioned and ordinary pieces elegantly and blaze a trail by bringing in some imaginative new trends.
In this article, we have put our creative heads together to figure out some amazing ways to pull off these old bracelets. Let’s have a look at these cool ways to make the most of your old bracelets. 


Intermingling Materials, Metals and Colors
Wearing multiple bracelets together is not a new idea. Today’s fashion experts believe that when it comes to mix-matching bracelets you can go beyond that old idea. There are so many possibilities to explore and reuse your old bracelet collection. One of them is to put together different colors, materials and metals just the way we play around with necklaces and rings. 


The reason this trend is picking up steam is that our wrists are always the point of focus with all of us using our smartphones and other mobile devices all the time. You can follow this trend and create a variety of looks, ranging from bohemian and sweet to rock-and-roll glam. The trick here is to focus on the type of pieces more than the quantity of pieces you wear together.
To stay on the safe side, start with just three to four pieces of complementing colors and designs, such as choose multiple bangles varying colors and width. Or consider mixing bangles, chains and a cuff made of the same metal.. 
Another simple trick is to get a set of thin, plain bangles as the base and then play around with accessories of different textures and colors.

A Striking Look Comes With a Wristwatch Blended Elegantly with Accessories
Stacking bracelets is not just about playing safe. In fact, you can create a unique look only by perfectly blending different accessories with a variety of old bracelets. And for this, count on your wristwatch. 
A wristwatch is a bracelet too. Begin by stacking your wristwatch with plain, thin or textured bracelets or bangles to give it a more casual witty look.

Similarly, try wearing a thick cuff with some chains. A thick piece is always a great foundation to create a new look. Mix solid bangles with beaded bracelets. Try mixing costume or vintage jewelry with some delicate precious pieces. You may also go for chunky or enameled pieces. Or if you like the flair of the 80s, then intersperse some rubber bracelets with a few modern pieces.

Transform Your Old Bracelet into a Head Accessory
Revamping your old and broken jewelry to create a unique accessory is something that appeals to our creative instincts. To add a touch of glamour to your hairstyle, take an old bracelet and use it as a hair accessory. You may add a beautiful chain or studded gemstones around your graceful bun at an evening event. 
Similarly, try a delicately thin set of plain bracelets and wear it keeping your hairs half pinned to stylize the look even more elegantly. Or simply add a gemstone or a plain chain with a headband or head scarf to add more creative flair to your summer look.

Personalize Your Ordinary Bracelets
The most amazing idea to give your old leftover bracelets a totally new and unique style is to get them personalized. This can be done by engraving your name on the piece. Many duchesses and celebrities are already personalizing their old jewelry and you too can create an outstanding jewelry piece for yourself.
Keep it simple by engraving your name or a loved one’s. If don’t want to imprint your full name, try your initials or your family initials. You may also engrave the location or day where you got married or engaged to cherish the beautiful memory.
One way to make the most of these pieces is to get them engraved with cool and witty statements and gift them to your friends or family. They will definitely consider this a thoughtful and creative expression of love.
All of these above-shared ideas are already being used by popular celebrities. So select the one that best meets your personal style statement and make it work. Since now you know some unique, simple and fun ways to get the most of your old bracelets, take the chance to style your old bracelets uniquely.
Create as many looks as you like and create a style statement that is looks modern and complements your personal style.
If you need more insight from reputable jewelry designers, head over to Brio Jewelry.


Tips to Make the Most of Your Old Bracelets

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