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The chilly month is here and the individuals who have their birthdays in this month have two beautiful gemstones to choose from.


The month of November is associated with two stunning gemstones, namely citrine and topaz. Both of these remarkable gemstones are famous for their calming energies, bringing fortune, and warmth to those who are born in this month. 
If you look at both of these gemstones, you might find them highly resembling. Both citrine and topaz are quite similar in appearance and are often mistaken in recognition. However, both of these on-trend gemstones are unrelated minerals and occur in a range of the wide spectrum of colors.
Hence, having this wide range of the color spectrum, citrine and topaz provide the November-born fortunate an amazing opportunity to choose the shade and stone which truly represent their individuality. 


The Wealth and Health in Rich Colors – Citrine

Citrine is a powerful gemstone that has been revered for its rare occurrence. The gemstone was famous amongst the Romans for its intaglio work and beautiful jewelry. During the World Wars, massive citrines were used to design many prized pieces. Later on, the gemstone was used to design the jewelry of many Hollywood celebrities such as Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo.
Even today, citrine symbolizes luxury and this gem has a full-scale renaissance now. Following the latest trends, many big jewelry designers use this brilliant gemstone to design bold, big and well-cut jewelry pieces. Citrine is a budget-friendly stone, considering all of those women who look to expand their wardrobes with such affordable stunning jewelry. Indeed, when we think of earth-toned color and on budget jewelry for a woman, citrine has no competition.


Few Intriguing Facts of Beautiful Citrine

Beauty comes with many surprises and following that, here are some interesting facts regarding to citrine:


  • Citrine is associated with values such as strength, hope, youth, cheerfulness, fidelity, and health. It is believed to

improve personal clarity, creativity and alleviate tendencies of self-destruction.

  • Citrine is derived from a French word called citrine which means lemon. The gemstone ranges from dark amber to

palest yellow in color.

  • Romans were the first civilization that started wearing this yellow quartz as a jewel piece.

  • According to the Chinese community, citrine is the stone of success and should only be given to kind people.

However, many Chinese students wear citrine to get success in their exams.

  • Citrine was believed to have magical powers, during the early modern period of Europeans and they used to wear

citrine as a talisman to fight off snake venom and evil thoughts.

  • The beautiful gemstone is attributed with two famous and divine deities; the Egyptian goddess of war,

majorly associated with strength and power and the Greek goddess of the harvest and productivity, named Sekhmet.

For those who are looking ahead to buy this gemstone for their beloved November-born friends or family,

Citrine is usually mistaken with orange-yellowish topaz (less expensive gemstone) and sometimes dishonest vendors

sell topaz, claiming it to be citrine. Hence one differentiating factor between the two is definitely the offered price

and secondly, a large topaz is not commonly available at jewelers. 


The Symbol of Love – Topaz

Topaz is a tough silicate mineral which holds its color due to defects and impurities in its underlying crystal structure. The exquisite gemstone has an exceptionally wide range of gorgeous shades which may include red, blue, yellow, brown, green, pink and violet. Topaz is called pleochroic, which means that it shows different shades in different directions.


Topaz is considered as the true symbol of affection and love. It is said to be one’s aid to disposition and sweetness. The word topaz comes from the Greek word, topazion, which itself originated from the Sanskrit tapas, which means fire. Topaz is well recognized from the Romans and Greeks civilizations. However, until the huge discovery of deposits in the 19th century in Brazil, topaz remained as the rare stone during the middle ages.


Topaz is the stone which was worn by Aaron as his priestly breastplate.  Topaz is one the many stones of

the apocalypse and found as one of the revelation stone. In ancient Egyptian practices, the gemstone is

considered as the symbol of Ra – the Sun God and the ultimate life giver.

However, in Europe, topaz is strongly connected with Apollo. 


Few Intriguing Facts of Magical Topaz

Here are some of the many intriguing facts regarding the luxurious gemstone – Topaz:

  • One of the most common shades of Topaz is yellow but the purest Topaz is actually colorless.

  • The values attached to the beautiful gemstone includes loyalty, constancy, faithfulness, and friendship

  • Topaz is a famous gemstone to be gifted in wedding anniversaries. The beautiful stone is given on the

4th and 19th wedding anniversary.

  • The color of this gemstone is mainly caused and determined by the gemstone’s selective absorption

of various light wavelengths called the body color.

  • With the naked eye, it is almost impossible to differentiate the citrine with topaz.

  • Topaz, is commonly given as a gift and this is an very tradition, which dates back to thousands of years.

  • Topaz is believed to bring in positive energy in the mind of the wearer. It is believed that the person wearing topaz reaches a much higher spirituality level. 

  • These fine gemstones are considered to signify stability, loyalty, companionship, and faith.


In a Nutshell
November is the month of power and both of these striking gemstones are the true symbol of it. The gemstones are highly famous for their unique appearance and values, and both of them are considered as the prettiest of all other gemstones.
Belonging to the elite class of gemstones, both of these gemstones are in-demand for centuries. So if you are born in November, consider wearing one of these gemstones as their vibrant hues and the luxury appeal is definite to stand out your personal style.
However, one of the best ways to incorporate these beautiful gemstones in your everyday jewelry is to get it custom-designed and for more information in this regards, head over to Brio right away.


October’s Birthstones – Citrine and Topaz

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