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What Do You Know About Lab-Created Diamonds?

Stones or diamonds which are developed in a lab are physically, chemically and optically identical to the ones mined underground. But there are some factors which distinguish them from the natural stones such as a lighter footprint of carbon, fewer flaws, and less cost. 

So, what is lab created diamonds?

Lab created diamonds is also called cultured or engineered diamonds. They are commonly grown in a controlled environment of a laboratory, by incorporating some advanced technological processes. Such processes ensure the development of the diamonds in the duplicate condition in which diamonds are created naturally, beneath the crust of Earth. However, the man-made or lab diamonds consist of some carbon atoms (actual) which are then arranged in the structure of the diamond crystal. Hence, these diamonds are developed using the same material as of natural ones, hence they exhibit the same chemical and physical properties. ​


Lab Diamonds are the cheaper alternative of natural diamonds

Gemstones used in jewelry are romantic, colorful and personal. They mean different things to different wearers. For instance, for some they are simply the badges of success and wealth – just like many celebrities appearing in different shows, dripping with emeralds and rubies. Whereas, for others, they are as meaningful and valuable as the birthstones. They symbolize these gemstones as their legendary power and adore it as one of their favorite and signature colors.

Indeed, these gemstones, some of them, are hard to get, rare and much more expensive. For the same reason, lab created diamonds or gemstones are now easily available as the alternative cheap option.

Lab created diamonds are not gem imitations

Some of the popular lab created gemstones includes sapphire, fancy or white diamond, ruby, emerald, and opal. This is because all of them are the most expensive and rare natural gemstone in the jewelry industry. Many people wrongly believe that lab-created gems are simply the imitation of natural stones. Lab-created gems are absolutely real deal. If a lab-created gem would be an imitation of natural gemstone, it wouldn’t be created following nature’s recipe and wouldn’t be identical to the natural gemstone. 

Nonetheless, lab created gemstones are eco-friendly. They can vary in clarity, color and cut, and can also be a whopping 10ct in weight!

Diamond simulants and lab created diamonds

It is important to understand the major difference between diamond simulants and lab diamonds. Diamond simulant such as Moissanite and cubic zirconia may appear similar to natural diamonds but they are not actually real carbon crystals.  

Just like lab-created diamonds, simulants diamonds hold no same physical or chemical properties as that of natural gemstones. This is exactly why simulant diamonds are sold at a much lower value than the counterpart – lab created diamonds. If you want to distinguish between a lab created diamond and a simulant diamond then this is easily possible using the naked eye.

The lab created and natural diamonds hold properties of thermal conductivity which make them distinctive from cubic zirconia. Due to commonality in the electrical conductivity, some lab gemstones, including the colored natural gemstones, may mistakenly be recognized as Moissanite, while using various diamond testers for that. However, Moissanite holds distinguishing refractive properties (diamond as single refractive and Moissanite as double refractive) and that differentiates them from diamonds – something a gemologist can easily identify!

The benefits of opting for a lab created diamond

Lab created diamonds are not only top-quality, rare or fine stones which are cheaply available but there are also some other reasons which attract the consumers to prefer over natural gemstones. 
From an environmental point of view, lab created diamonds do not burden the natural resources in a way the extraction process of natural stones does. This means that no mines need to be dug, even the labs utilize only the fraction of resources and utilities which are necessary, in terms of the mining operation, leaving a lot less pollution behind. 

These man-made gemstones are also great in terms of traveling. For instance, when you have to leave the highly expensive gemstones at home or maybe when you want to appear, having expensive baubles or let’s say both! However, nothing is comparable to a finely created lab diamond, other than natural gemstones. 

So whether you want to have one to give a present to your loved one or you are buying this for your own self, make sure you buy only the finest gemstone and from a reputed jewelry store. If you choose to deal with professionals, they will inform you a lot of details about your stone. For instance; how your gemstone is and how can you keep it same for a long time. 

To be precise, just like different natural gemstones which come with varying quality levels, the same is the case with lab created gemstones. So, before you make your purchase, understand the value that you are getting for your money, especially in the case of paying a premium with regards to a piece. 

So, are you opting for a lab created diamond for your engagement or a wedding ring?

Well, many people are now opting for a lab created diamonds to custom design their engagement or wedding rings. These lab created diamonds are not only identical to natural diamonds but they are also easy on the pocket. So if you don’t want to go overboard, while achieving the same bright shiny appearance as of natural diamond, then you are making a right choice.

The possibilities that come with these lab-created diamonds are limitless. So add some more value to your jewelry boxes with some classic and cutting-edge styles and designs of a stunning lab created a diamond. Similarly, if you want to add a more personalized touch to your jewelry item then create a customized jewelry piece using these gemstones.  

Lastly, always choose a trusted jewelry designer so that you don’t compromise and get only the best and well-thought design for your diamond. If you need some more information about diamonds or custom jewelry then head over to Brio, right away!

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