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Frequently Asked Questions

Since most people are not jewelry experts, I often hear questions revolving around the same issues. I have decided to create a FAQ page that includes answers to some of those questions. As is usually the case, some questions (and answers) only refer to the person asking them, therefore I have tried to post the most common Q&A that refer to many.

How do I tell what kind of jewelry he/she would like, while still keeping the surprise?


Unless you can ask a family member or close friend with more knowledge on the subject, the following tactic is fairly straight forward: most people already have jewelry, and we can learn from their current collection.
Some use it more often, while others only for special occasions, but as a rule of thumb (or wrist), what they have at home is what they like. In that case, try to open her jewelry box, or find his hidden stash of jewelry, and examine them. Are they colorful? Shiny? Perhaps nontraditional by nature? Are there recurring colors or metals used in them?

If you can find any pattern or similarity, you might be on the right track. With that said, some people prefer to use a variety of different jewelry, so don't be surprised if you find different themes and colors.

To summarize, the best way to tell what sort of jewelry your significant other likes, while keeping the surprise, is to look for similar rings already owned, and adding your own twist. After all, that twist is what the gift is all about.

With that being said, sometimes giving something that YOU like will make the best gift. After all, being from you is what makes it special.



What's the best place to buy an Engagement Ring?

Usually, when looking for the best place to buy a diamond ring, the first step is figuring out what you are aiming for. If you see a ring that you like on someone, don't be shy and ask for the name of the store. 
After all, there are many jewelry stores, and the best way to differentiate the good ones are by satisfied and returning customers.

Receiving a referral from a trusted individual will usually assure you that the person you are going to is both qualified and trust worthy. 
If you haven't heard of or seen anything that you like, or haven't received a recommendation from a friend or family member, you might consider turning to a concierge service which will help you to find the best ring for you.

Shopping online is becoming very popular and common. With low prices and huge varieties of rings it is very tempting to make the leap in that direction. But more often than not, the quality you see in the pictures is not what you receive in the mail. Pictures can be modified, and diamonds can be extremely lackluster, even if they have a fancy certificate. Its best to see what you buy before you buy it, and its very reassuring to know an expensive item you have bought has a"mom and dad", someone to take responsibility if anything happened to it, and can adjust and maintain it if needed.

Last but not least, never settle for less than you deserve. Chain stores might not be able to provide you with the proper attention, customization, and personal experience that you need while making such a purchase. If you feel the service you are getting is less than you deserve, there are many out there willing to go the extra mile for you.



Are engagement ring custom designers necessary when purchasing a ring?

As with almost everything you purchase, you can go to any store and pick an assembly line piece, which has been created in bulk and can be seen worn on many people. To many, this is adequate, as with their cars, cloths, etc. Others might put more emphasis on being unique and showing their taste and style - through the clothes they wear, the way they wear their hair, and, of course, their jewelry.

To those, I would highly recommend consulting with a professional. When turning to a concierge or designer service for rings and other jewelry, you are more likely to receive something that would show the real you. As with any custom piece of the sort, it can be one of a kind, a variation of something existing or just a popular style.
Finding someone that would help you from the first steps of coming up with ideas, through the creation process, and until the last step in which you receive the final product - is priceless, but not necessarily pricey.

Bottom line- the question is this: would you settle for a kia when you can have any car in the world? 
If your answer to this is other than yes, I would definitely recommend contacting a professional.



What should I do with an old ring that has loose diamonds?


If you have an old ring that's broken or starting to fall apart, you should consider a few options:

1. If you haven't given up on this piece - nearly everything is fixable. The only question is who can do it professionally and make sure you receive it back as good as new. Depending on what broke, fixing it may take between a few minutes and a few days of work.
If the issue is with the metal itself, it can either be repaired or melted down to create a new ring for you. If however the issue is with diamonds falling off, this can usually be fixed by repairing or rebuilding the prongs(if its prong set) or tightening the channels.

2. If you no longer need the piece, try searching for a store or jeweler that buys loose diamonds and worn jewelry. Many stores and jewelers are in a continuous lookout for new diamonds and stones, and you might find that you have something more valuable than you had thought. Be sure to get a a quote for the entire piece and not just for the diamonds or just for the gold.

3. Send me a picture with the details of the piece. With this information, we will be able to determine the cost as well as whether it's worthwhile for you to part ways with the ring or fix it. I'll gladly assist!



What are the most popular diamond shapes?


When purchasing a diamond, you should know the different shapes, cuts, colors, and quality levels. I will attempt to provide a better answer by specifying a bit on each of the above.

Shapes - The shape is the style the diamond was cut into. Although the shapes can vary, it is usually either square (such as Princess cuts, Asscher cuts), round, rectangular (such as the Princess cut, Emerald cut, Radiant cut), oval, Cushion cut (which is a round cornered square) Pear shape and several other less popular/common cuts.

The shape of a diamond will be decided by the best potential usage of the rough diamond's original shape, in order to maximize the final product's size, quality, and of course, value.

Cuts - first of all it's important to note that the cut is not the shape of the diamond. The cut refers to the overall symmetry (or lack there of), proportions, and it's polish. The cut's quality helps it's light reflection, scintillation(sparkle) and general beauty, thus making the cut very important when choosing your diamond. The most known and used cut is the round shape, called Round Brilliant cut. It's timeless, classic, and extremely brilliant when cut correctly.

Colors -
Quality Level -

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