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Do you know what is considered the standard for fine quality jewelry? It is the sparkling clear diamond!


Almost every diamond has a little color to it. Even for a white diamond, there is a slight brown or yellow tinge in a colorless stone. These stones are graded on the scale of D – Z.
D is the exceeding colorless rare diamond and Z is the low-quality diamond.

However, any diamond that has intense color, going beyond Z grade, has a lot more value. The value continues to grow exponentially and the diamond is then referred as ‘fancy diamond’. You can find such diamonds in a myriad of shades of brown, blue, purple, pink and yellow, and in very rare cases-green and even red!



Pink and Red Diamonds Are the Rarest Among All

Among all the fancy diamonds, the most popular and sought after ones are the pink and red diamonds.

They rarely occur in nature. As a matter of fact, almost 90 percent of pink diamonds were found in just one mine (Argyle Diamond Mine – Western Australia).
The mine is likely to be closed by the end of 2019, and when it happens, no one knows where and when another reliable source of such precious diamonds will be revealed. This makes the currently on the market pink diamonds a lot more valuable. 

Fancy Diamonds Are Quite Valuable

How valuable are these fancy diamonds? To your surprise, the prices of such fancy diamonds are often higher than other flawless colorless diamonds. The spectacular diamonds are sought after by many famous and affluent celebrities. In fact most of the vibrant and largest stones belong to private collections.
These vibrant stones also make appearances in different luxury auction houses. They are the most preferred diamonds for engagement rings.

Do you know that Sotheby’s auctioned off the 6.13 carat Farnese blue 300 years old diamond for 6.7 million dollars? That’s almost one million dollar per carat!

Color Matters in Grading a Fancy Diamond

Similar to colorless counterparts, these fancy diamonds are also graded by the GIA lab with regards to color. Fancy diamonds are usually given a grade on the basis of their color intensity. This is unlike colorless diamonds, where the scale of color rating differs for stones with deep dark hues.
The grades of fancy diamonds include;

  • Fancy Light

  • Fancy

  • Fancy Vivid

  • Fancy Intense

When the color saturation increases, the value of the stone also increases. The color grade may also include a complete and detailed description of the particular hue of the diamond such as fancy light blue-green, fancy pink-brown or fancy yellowish orange.
However carat weight also influences the price and value of the fancy diamond. The large stones are rarer than other smaller stones. Also large stones look richer or darker in hue, which is why the most valuable fancy diamonds usually have rich hues in larger carat weights.
No to mention, the bold beauty and rarity of these spectacular stones command a higher price tag especially the ones that differ traditional colorless spectrum and has vivid brilliance.

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