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Famous Designs for a Custom Birthstone Ring


Custom birthstone rings hold unique value in our jewelry boxes. They are one of the best ways to commemorate the greatest moments of your life and to make them more personal. Whether you plan to celebrate landmark ages such as 18th or 40th or want to have a thoughtful unique gift, these beautiful birthday rings are the most enduring present.  

Many people now go with these unique gifts, especially for their loved ones. These brilliant cut gemstones make it a truly extravagant gift, and the precious birthstone of the recipient is ideal for giving a personalized present. Nevertheless, the elegant ring is one of the most prized jewelry items in our jewelry boxes and a true symbol of pure love.  

Custom birthstone rings are also one of a kind engagement or wedding rings, integrating a unique nod to the loved one, elevating the present to intimate level with the birthstone choice. While there are a variety of designs to go with, the latest trends are not limited to those traditional styles such as solitaire. One of the most commonly observed ring styles is the small colored gemstone in a silver or gold (metal) ring setting. This classic style holds its own traditional values but there is still a plenty of options and room to play around—nontraditional styles.

And to assist you with these modern and on-trend custom birthstone ring styles, here we will be discussing the top ring styles that are not only popular but are the perfect present to go for!

Let’s have a look!




Custom Birthstone Ring Styles

Halo Ring Style

If you want to take your gemstone to the next level and shine it brighter, then illuminate it with a diamond halo. From tangy citrine to fiery opal, or perhaps eye-catching amethyst, you can easily set the gemstone as a beautiful centerpiece with a delicate halo of numerous diamonds. Also, if you like to outline your gemstone then try a delicate diminutive pave halo. Otherwise, you can also go with a heavy halo with more carat weight, combining it with brilliant diamonds. 

Side Stones Diamond Ring Style

Select some diamonds and let them hug your birthstone ring! The shape and cut of your birthstone must dictate the side stone diamonds’ shape. If you like to have round cut stones then go with pear-shaped diamonds or you can also opt for trillion shaped diamonds. To have a vintage masterpiece, you may opt for a square-shaped birthstone, when placed with emerald or baguette shaped diamonds. But if like to keep brilliant round diamonds, then they would lovely with all the shapes. However, depending on your budget, the side stones’ size may vary, whether three stone bold setting or diamond petite and deep-set as floral design.

Subtle Accents Ring Styles

An alternative to diamond side stones, these beautiful birthstones or gems also make subtle accents in terms of various traditional diamond centers. This is one of a perfect option for birthstone rings which are particularly designed for an absolute commitment such as your engagement ring, representing you and your loved ones’ pure love and union with these birthstones while having the same traditional value and appearance of an engagement ring. Moreover, in this particular ring style you can incorporate and place as many birthstones as you like. May it be your loved one and you or all of your family members; this exquisite ring is one of the popular choices nowadays.

Solitaires Fancy Shape Ring Style

Are you a fan of a classic yet fancy solitaire ring? If yes, then choose the most unique and fun shape for your ring style. A gemstone or birthstone is already a bold statement, so your best bet is to go with a more traditional round cut. But to get a true custom-design that would stand out the most, go with a more fancy shape of a diamond. For this, your best options would be trillions, oval, marquise and pear cut diamonds. All of these shapes are excellent and come with a lot more nontraditional and unique shapes.

Metal Magic Ring Style

A perfect birthstone custom ring is not just about the gemstone or its shape but its overall appearance also depends on the metal which makes the ideal setting for your precious stone. This is because some colors usually pop on light metal colors such as platinum or white gold, while other gemstones may glow warmly against metals such as yellow gold. 

To give you an example, red rubies commonly showcase their true charm and warmth on metal such as yellow-hued but if you set it on a white-toned metal, the red color smolders. Similarly, purples and blues set in silver or white metal gives out a more modern and cool feel. With that, you may also incorporate a distinguishing finish or texture into the band and to complement the stone. 
So to make the perfect match, have a look at your gemstone hue and combine it with another metal to determine which look is perfect and ideal as in appearance. And don’t forget to consider the skin tone as this also compliment and affects the appearance of some metals. 


Complete Custom Ring Style

Since you want to have custom birthstone ring so why not customize the ring completely? In this ring style, you will not only add the custom birthstone but you may also customize the overall ring setting. You can go with a range of ring sizes or shapes such as topaz mermaid ring which is a popular custom ring style. The intricate details of a complete custom ring are possible through 3D printing, whereas your birthstone will evoke the serenity of your ring.

Conclusively, custom birthstone rings make a highly generous gift. Hence, the more thought and creativity you put into the making of that ring, the more gorgeous and stunning your custom ring will be. Such beautiful personalize rings are not only valuable for the wearer but they are sure to make a remarkable impression on your loved one, representing your true love and unique affection towards them.

If you need more information about custom jewelry then head over to Brio, right away!

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