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Exclusive Designs for Matching Wedding Bands


You were proposed with a perfect engagement ring and now your big day is approaching. It’s time for you to select the best wedding band to beautifully complement with your engagement ring. But how much is a wedding band supposed to match with an engagement ring?

The answer to above question is that it totally depends on you. With the variety of wedding bands available, there are several ways in which an engagement ring can be perfectly paired up with a matching wedding band.

However, to select a matching wedding band, there are a few things that need to be considered. This may include the design of your engagement ring, the features of the ring that you most like to enhance with a wedding band, or it may be the color of the wedding band to compliment with your skin type.

What makes a wedding band a perfect match? There is no straightforward answer to this question. With the endless options available today, the best approach is to explore all the options before you make a final choice. Let us have a look at some distinctive features of a wedding band.


Choosing the right size and color of a wedding band to best fit your ring

The size and color of a wedding band plays a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of your engagement ring. A right size for the right cut ring will pop up the ring even more making it appear more dazzling. While many people like to go for a thin delicate wedding band, others prefer a bolder and much thicker appearance.

Another important factor when choosing a wedding band is the metal color. Match the color of the wedding band metal with the tone or keep it in contrast with the engagement ring color.

If you select a wedding band considering your skin tone, then platinum and white gold are the two major options that you would like to select. As both of them suit all skin tones, these are the most traditional choices and significantly stand out.

While rose gold is a little understated and subdued color metal, yellow gold has a bright sunshine metal color and mostly stands out on almost all skin tones. Pick the metal color that best suits your skin tone as it complements the engagement ring.

To make your ring and wedding band more distinctive, you may select them in different complementing colors. The contrasting colors make individual bands appear thinner. Moreover, it makes both the bands quite visible while adding a colorful effect.

Let us have a look at some exclusive matching wedding band designs to assist you further.

Designs for matching wedding bands

There are a variety of wedding bands available out there to match your personality and style. You may be looking for a wedding band to wear alongside, to match perfectly with your engagement ring or to create a perfect set of designs that reflect you and your partner. From whimsical to classic, let us have a look at some designs of matching wedding bands.

Round stacking rings

The most common wedding band is the round simple ring. The simple round ring is perfect to be paired up with almost all styles of engagement rings. This wedding band may be worn individually in stacking or may be paired up to enhance the appearance of your engagement ring. The simple wedding band comes in a wide range of colors for you to choose from.

One simple way to create an appealing set of rings is to use two or more of these bands in different colors. This way you can easily match them with your gold, topaz, honey or diamond ring to create a perfect contrast. To pair it up, the best choice is to match it with a solitaire ring to enhance the dazzling center gemstone or diamond.

Contoured wedding band

Unlike round wedding bands, a contoured wedding band may not match with all styles of engagement rings. They are specifically designed to beautiful contour the engagement rings in a modern ring shape. The contoured wedding band appears as an ocean inspired silhouette. This may also be combined with the bezel setting to reflect the sparkling gemstones from every angle.

The contoured wedding band is perfect to match with a pave setting ring. This may also be used with a bezel setting to perfectly contour the edges of the ring or simple solitaire ring to capture the attention towards the single diamond.

Diamonds encircling wedding band

A wedding band that encircles the beautifully cut diamonds are perfect to be worn even individually. This glamorous band encircles the platinum band with cut diamonds in the bar or round setting. Designed to match with simple elegant engagement rings, these wedding bands mirror the channel setting rings and add to the stunning sparkle.

The most beautiful combination is the perfect pairing of diamonds with blue sapphires. This wedding band may also be customized to create a matching set to create a classic elegant look. The diamond cut matching wedding must never fail in capturing attentions and to give an expensive royal appearance to your style.

Gemstone mounted wedding bands

At first look, these modern and sleek wedding bands appear simple. If you look at them closely, you will see a different classic silhouette with mounted gemstones around the wedding band. The engraved gemstones may be in different colors or elegantly match with the same color of ring metal.

This classic ring can be paired up with a variety of engagement ring styles. To create a simple yet appealing appearance, match the wedding band with channel setting rings, or if you like you may also wear them individually or in contrasting colors of gemstones or ring metal.

Unlike previously, wedding bands are extremely important for all marriages now. Any ring style you are committing to wearing on your wedding day should befit and complement your personal style and for this you should always select the wedding band that perfectly complements your big day.

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