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The Trending Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Dating back to thousands of years, jewelry has always been a beloved part of human existence. No matter if you are powerful, rich or an average worker, young or old, man and woman, all of us love to adorn ourselves with enchanting accessories.  

But unfortunately, the jewelry that we wear today comes from scary and sad places. The majority of the jewelry comes from the precious gems and metals but these metals or gems, in turn, come from the bloodshed and warfare, while others are obtained from the destruction of the already fragile ecosystem – something that is highly damaging to the environment.


So how would you know if the beautiful necklace hanging around your neck caused bloodshed or violence?

Well, it is not that easy to figure out but one thing is prominent now that with the passage of time, people are becoming more environmentally conscious. This consideration has now become a part of their normal lives. Hence, among those who are are putting efforts in saving more of natural resources, fashion jewelry that is ‘green and repurposed’ is gaining more popularity now.

What do we mean by Eco-friendly jewelry?

Eco-friendly jewelry is actually made of materials which come from renewable and recycled resources. This includes material that comes from nature, such as the seashells or coconut, old jewelry, or any other recycled material from junk which one can think of. Therefore, imagination is the only limitation when it comes to the design and material of eco-friendly jewelry.

The Growing Trend of Eco-Friendly Jewelry

People are now wearing eco-friendly jewelry not only as accessories, but also to serve a good purpose. Wearing eco-friendly jewelry symbolizes your own consciousness with regards to the ecosystem. It shows your desire to protect the planet earth and make a significant difference. As you make jewelry from the material already in existence, you save the planet from further damage. 
Many jewelry stores are now making eco-friendly jewelry and are truly committed to adopting environmentally friendly practices. The big names also make sure to meet the environmental and sustainability standards and get their diamonds’ origin verified.
Similarly, the jewelry industry, with the growing knowledge of eco-friendly jewelry and its importance, goes beyond the common standards and offers diamonds and gemstones which are originated from the environmentally and ethically responsible sources. 
These natural diamonds are actually originated from mines which follow trade, strict labor, and environmental standards. They prefer to handcraft their fine jewelry from precious recycled metals. Since dirty gold mining holds a great history of labor abuse, civil war and environmental devastation, selecting precious recycled metals helps in diminishing the dirty gold’s negative impact.

Most Popular Eco-Friendly Jewelry Items

Jewelry adds to your personal style and brings a new flair to your overall look. Since eco-friendly jewelry allows to create a more casual appeal in daily outfits, more people are now choosing a design which symbolizes and indicates eco-friendliness. 
May it be the Earth Day or any other normal day, whether you are going office or meeting friends, the below-shared are the most on-trend jewelry items, which will also be indicative of your consciousness towards protecting the planet.

The On-Trend Eco-Friendly Jewelry Items

Here is a list of items that are easily available in the market and on trend right now:

The Earth Pendant
As we talk about saving the planet Earth, there are a variety of earth-shaped pendants available

in the market. These pendants are beautifully and aesthetically engraved with precious

gemstones. You can choose from a range of colorful gemstones or you may get it custom-made.

For instance, you may choose to wear the pendant which derives its inspiration from the ocean.

You can use any material for these pendants, such as light or heavy, metal or gold, etc.

The pendants not only look trendy, they are also very appealing and if worn with a delicate

sterling silver chain – it gracefully adds some more flair to it.

Leaf-shaped Jewelry Items
Another popular jewelry style is the sculpted leaf-shaped pendant or earrings. To keep the sparkle for the jewel piece, you can go with some gemstones beautifully embellished in the pendant or even a colorless diamond cut. 

If you go with a pendant, use a sterling silver cable chain to hang around your neck or if you like to wear hanging earrings, you may choose to go with long leaf-shaped earrings. These jewel items are not only nature inspired but also give a contemporary feel. The sculpted leaf-shaped jewelry, made of precious metal, is a symbol of achievement and peace.














Bird-Shaped Jewelry
This jewelry item is definitely a head turner. It is the most beautiful, sophisticated and charming jewelry item that features a finely sculpted bird. 

While many of these beautiful pendants are now available in the market, along with delicate silver chain,

these eco-friendly and nature inspiring items are creating more consciousness among people for

eco-friendliness, and to save our planet from destructive practices. Hence, you can choose the design of your

choice as these inspirational pendants are now available in a variety of exclusive designs.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of designers these days who are producing eco-friendly jewelry and showing their commitment to save the environment through their designs. As you choose to adopt eco-friendly jewelry, you may buy it directly from the many big or small jewelry stores or you may get it custom-made from a well-reputed jewelry designer such as Brio.
You may keep it simple or inspiring or you may add a personal touch to it by incorporating some beautiful gemstones or even diamonds. This beautiful, delicate and meaningful eco-friendly jewelry has also become the first choice for gifts on many occasions! 
So, when you are considering getting a piece of jewelry, don’t forget to think where it comes from and what it is made of. 

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