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Diaries of a Jeweler 06/06/17

Sometimes life provides us opportunities which we couldn't have anticipated. Sometimes it's just luck.

We never know which way our life and job may take us, so we need to do everything to the very best, and make as many good connections. This next story represents what I think is the best sort of publicity - ear to mouth, or personal experience.

A few weeks ago I met a woman named Agatha. Agatha heard about me from her granddaughter, whose wedding ring we made here in Brio.
Agatha was looking to part with many pieces of old jewelry - a few rings, a set of earrings, and a few bracelets. They were mainly made of gold, while the earrings had two beautiful diamonds in them.

Agatha wanted to sell her jewelry and buy her newborn grand granddaughter a necklace, but couldn't find anything she loved.
We sat at a Scottsdale restaurant and discussed some options, but Agatha had very particular taste. So in order to have the perfect necklace for her, we decided that instead of buying a new ring, we should use the gold in order to create the necklace.

We had a great time planning the design, and once the necklace was ready I thought that's the last I've heard from Agatha.
Imagine my surprise when I see a baby with a golden necklace with my design in the candy store underneath the Brio office - I turn around and there's Agatha! She come to show me how beautiful it turned out, and introduce me to her granddaughter.

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