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Diamonds 101: An Introduction to Buying Diamonds


​Tips to Protect Diamond Jewelry during Everyday Tasks

Diamond jewelry is one of the most cherished accessories. While diamond jewelry is kept secured, women also wish to keep it sparkling for years. Women love to keep wearing jewelry, but at the same time they need to carry out their everyday tasks while protecting the jewelry from damage.

These everyday tasks are as important as to protect and care for your treasured jewelry. Caring and careful cleaning of your diamond jewelry means that you can continue cherishing its beauty for years to come. You can protect the jewelry by simply following some smart tips. No matter what activities you carry out in your routine, your diamond jewelry needs cleaning frequently.

It is very important to maintain the sparkle of expensive diamond jewelry for generations to come. With that said, let us have a look at some tips to take care of your diamond jewelry during everyday life.

Avoid Light and Heat Exposure

Just as the ultraviolet rays of sun can severely damage our skin, heat and light can also affect the color and durability of your diamond jewelry significantly. These ultra violet rays are harmful to diamonds if they remain exposed for a long time and in excess. The gemstones like kunzite, amethyst, topaz and shell cameos are more likely to get damaged when they are being exposed to heat and light.

Moreover, other delicate materials such as ivory and pearls are also likely to bleach or even crack in extreme exposures. To keep the jewelry protected from deterioration, always keep it safe from sun’s exposure, along with your delicate skin. Also, avoid touching your diamond directly with your fingers as this will pass on the oil of your skin to the diamond which will make it look duller.

Keep it Away from Chemicals

Using chemicals is common in carrying out everyday tasks. Whether you’re washing dishes or cleaning your floor, your diamond jewelry is at risk if it interacts with these chemicals. One way to protect your diamond rings is to take it off while you do the cleaning, otherwise you may also put on rubber gloves to do a favor to your hands and your precious jewelry.

These chemicals may also interact with your jewelry in the form of cosmetics, lotion, hair spray, or even when you are diving in the pool. Remember to take off your jewelry before you start using these chemicals. These chemicals are not only harsh for your delicate gemstones but will also discolor or damage them permanently. Although you can easily get readymade jewelry cleaning solutions from the market, you may also prepare them at home by using warm water and few drops of dish washing liquid. This helps in removing excess dirt, grease or stuck particles from the jewelry quite easily and safely.

Maintain Your Diamonds Regularly

Many people miss out on taking care of their diamond jewelry on a regular basis. Jewelry needs to be cleaned and checked by professional jewelers regularly. This is necessary to keep the prongs or mountings in good shape and to repair the damaged parts of your jewelry. Make sure to protect it by visiting a professional jeweler before you end up losing your precious diamonds as your jewelry breaks.

With this regular cleaning, it is also important to keep your expensive jewelry insured. Your jewelry is also your investment and this can be added in a renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. However, if you wish to keep it exclusively secured, you may also get a separate policy for your jewelry. With that, make sure to reappraise your diamond jewelry every 5 years to cover the increased value of your jewelry.

Use Easy Cleaning Methods to Clean Your Gemstones

It is highly recommended to clean your jewelry by visiting a professional jeweler and get it cleaned regularly. However, you may also clean the gemstones at home by following some easy and safe cleaning methods. Many of the colored gemstones can be cleaned using warm water. Also, you may clean them by brushing them softly or using mild dish soap.

Never use any kind of detergent to clean the gemstones as this will fade the color of your gemstones. Moreover, after cleaning the jewelry, you should rinse it thoroughly using a small bowl filled with water because many women risk losing the gemstones or the whole piece of jewelry by rinsing it in the sink directly. Some delicate gems like pearl may also get scratched easily. Use warm soap water and a soft clean makeup brush to clean and scrub the jewelry. Always dry these gemstones with dry towels.

Store Your Jewelry Wisely

As much as cleaning is important, it is also important to store it using a proper storage box. Different types of gemstones and diamonds can get scratches on their surface easily. Most commonly, diamonds are scratched by other diamonds as well as by rough containers. Hence, it is also important to keep each diamond separate in its own padded container to protect them in the longer run.

While many women overlook the necessity of choosing the right container, you should never toss your precious jewelry on top of a dressing table or into a drawer. Always try to store them in the pouch or the box that comes with the jewelry from the store. Sterling silver, for example, needs to be stored in an anti-tarnish cloth or bag. Moreover, you may also use the jewelry boxes that come with separate padded slots to hang bracelets or pendants or to keep rings as an ideal container for jewelry.

Your diamond jewelry reminds you of your precious moments and needs adequate care to last for years. If you love wearing your appealing diamond jewelry, you must also take care of it in the best possible manner. To protect your jewelry for years, the best way is to get it checked every six months. For this, always rely on professional jewelers which hold good reputation and are well-versed in handling your delicate expensive diamonds.

If you want to get more valuable information about diamonds and the ways to keep them secured, contact Brio Jewelry as your ultimate jewelry solution.

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