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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Custom Wedding Ring

Designing your custom wedding ring might seem like a daunting process, but many couples choose to go that route because of the special memories and meaning that a custom ring will represent forever. These tips can make the task a little less difficult, so you can enjoy the magic and fun of the creative process together.


  1. Pick a budget and stick to it

A wedding ring or engagement ring is a big purchase that people often plan months or longer in advance. While financing isn’t the most fun or romantic part of picking jewelry, it is an important step.

There are many different rules of thumb that can help you decide how much exactly to spend on the ring. The old adage is to spend three-months salary on an engagement, but some industry insiders say one or two months salary is the norm, and recommended especially for new couples just starting out. The options are endless when you are designing a custom wedding ring, and the prices can vary just as much.


You will want to communicate your budget frankly with your jeweler. Especially when designing a custom wedding ring, your jeweler will need to have a good sense of what you would like to spend so he can show you options and inspirations that are possible at your price point. It can be a big disappointment to fall in love with a certain ring or idea, only to find out it will break the bank.


    2. Choose a carat weight within your budget that fits your taste


Once you have a budget set, you and probably your fiancé or significant other, will choose a diamond that fits your budget, with wiggle room for the setting and final touches. When you are choosing a diamond, there are many factors to learn about. Carat, clarity, cut, and color, are the main identifying points for grading and selecting your diamond. Perhaps you already know that your fiancée is dreaming of a canary diamond, or cushion cut, you can start from there. Your jeweler can help you determine how much diamond you can afford for your custom wedding ring, and can sometimes offer solutions for cutting costs and still getting a beautiful stone that your fiancé will love.


    3. Check out settings online to get some ideas


You can get lots of ideas and inspiration for your own custom wedding ring by checking out contemporary designs from major jewelers online, or just scrolling through Pinterest. Pinterest will often offer more unique and whimsical designs, the type that many that are designing a custom ring are looking for. There is a great draw to being able to make your ring exactly like you want, and you may be able to brainstorm ideas for the band, setting, side stones, filigree, diamond cut, and stone color by searching through images of other rings. When you bring these ideas to your jeweler, he will be able to tell you when will work structurally for your design in reality.


   4. Combine designs you have seen, or completely invent your own


Once you have browsed some ideas for ring designs, you can decide to combine parts of several different rings to make the perfect blend of your favorites. Or, you may want to design your ring after an image that your fiancée has been daydreaming about since childhood. Either way, a custom wedding ring is the best choice to get the exact, unique and beautiful ring that you want. 


   5. Don’t be afraid to be specific!


When you meet with your jeweler for your custom wedding ring consultation and any other meetings that follow, be sure to communicate what you are looking for completely and directly. This is not the time to be vague or shy! Your jeweler needs to know what you want, down to every detail, including your budget and any special concerns. The jeweler can’t read your mind, so be sure to provide images or specs to represent exactly what you want. As your jeweler finalizes your design, don’t hesitate to give your honest feedback for any changes. Your ring should be perfect for you, after all, it’s made to last forever.

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