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Custom Jewelry FAQ’s

Although there are extensive choices in the selection of jewelry at many Phoenix stores, sometimes nothing quite fits your specific personal taste. Perhaps you have an exact look or exact piece in mind, that no jeweler offers right off the shelf. One solution is that jewelers like Brio Jewelry can create the perfect piece to express your personal taste in specialty jewelry in Phoenix. Brio Jewelry uses state of the art wax design and goldsmith artistry to create for you a personal treasure that fits all of your exact specifications. Here are 5 basic questions and answers to know to help you make your choice as you consider specialty jewelry for your memorable gift of jewelry.


  1. What makes custom jewelry different?


The jewelry at most larger stores and chain jewelry stores is mass-produced specifically to appeal to the widest audience possible. All of the jewelry that the chain stores carry is chosen by trends in the industry at large, and by what sells best. Meaning if they carry it, it’s because many many people like it, and many people are likely to have those pieces. When you design your engagement ring or other gift at a specialty jewelry store in Phoenix, you know that no one else has an exclusive piece quite like yours. You will love the feeling that your ring is not something that you simply picked as the best of the options in front of you, but you chose a ring that represents you, your style, your relationship, and your special memories.


    2. What is so special about a custom jewelry piece?


Just like snowflakes in nature, no two diamonds are alike. At Brio, we believe your jewelry design should be completely unique to you as well. If you are commemorating your engagement, wedding, anniversary, new baby, graduation, promotion, or any other important life milestone, we believe that your jewelry piece should be as unique as relationship or your journey. When you wear a custom piece from Brio, you know you are wearing something that stands out, and than will carry special memories and increased value for generations to come.


    3. How do I get started with my design?


Designing and ordering your memorable piece from Brio, that exclusively creates specialty jewelry in Phoenix, can be much easier than you might think. When you get started, you can consult with your Brio jeweler to discuss what you are looking for. You are welcome to bring sketches or photos with different elements that you would love to incorporate into your special design. You may also just describe your ideas to your jeweler, and he will render a sketch of the design for your approval. You can always change your mind about certain details, or tweak the whole design if it isn’t quite right. It is very important to Brio Jewelry to get your design just right, and to create a piece that you are thrilled to wear.


    4. How do I know the finished product will look the way I imagined?


At Brio, all we do is custom jewelry. Your vision will never get lost in a scramble of mass sales of stock. When you have approved the sketch of your special custom piece, you will be quoted on the cost of the project, and then your jeweler will begin a custom 3D wax model. You will have the opportunity to approve the model as well, and if you have any changes or need to start the design over, it is no problem. In general you won’t pay anything until the production of your actual piece begins, which requires a small deposit to initiate. You do not pay for your perfect ring until it is completed.


    5. Is specialty jewelry in Phoenix expensive?


It may sound extraordinarily expensive or extravagant to design a custom engagement or wedding ring. However, may people are surprised to know that custom jewelry can be designed and completed at very competitive prices. When some people purchase their ring or other jewelry from a larger chain store, they are paying for the most popular styles with a high demand, with a large profit margin built in to the price for the brand name, trend, and a bit of convenience.  A specialty jewelry store in Phoenix cuts out the middle man (the large corporation, market research for design, and mass production), so you simply get the ring you want for often the same price or less than you would pay at a chain store. Whether your focus is price, sentiment, uniqueness, or creative expression, you will love your custom piece from Brio Jewelry.

Custume Jewelery FAQ's

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