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5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Engagement Ring

When it comes to getting engaged, romance is everything. Many couples find that a personal touch adds a lot to the romance of a proposal. A custom engagement ring can make your fiancé feel very special, as you design a ring with your love for them in mind. No matter how you pop the question, a custom ring will make your special moment even more memorable. You can’t go wrong with a custom engagement ring from Brio Jewelry.

1. You get exactly what you want


When you design a custom ring, you can truly get everything on your fiancé’s engagement ring wish list. An engagement ring is something that many women dream about for years, planning every detail to make it perfect. Ordering a custom engagement ring will ensure that the dream comes to life completely, with no compromising on metal color, diamond size, fancy colored gemstones, or even the inscription on the band. With a custom ring, the sky is pretty much the limit. When it comes to getting engaged, no one wants to settle for something they don’t love, whether it is your future spouse or the ring!


2. The personal touch


When you order a custom engagement ring, you have the experience of your jeweler’s personal attention and investment in your piece. Your jeweler will also be interested in your relationship and the personality of you two as a couple. Because your custom jeweler wants you to be completely ecstatic with the ring of your dreams, he will want to get to know you and your fiancé a little bit and find out everything that you want specifically in the perfect engagement ring.


When you meet with your jeweler about your custom engagement ring, you will have the option to choose a unique stone or stone, and develop any design that speaks to you, from vintage to art deco to modern.  With engraving a sentimental message on the ring, you can add even more personality and romance. Your fiancé will love knowing that her ring was made with her personality and taste as inspiration. Your jeweler is making the ring just for the two of you, always with your design in mind.



3. Your ring is one of a kind


Once you give your wife-to-be her new custom engagement ring , she will want to show off her ring to everyone, showcasing each unique part that makes it special. She will love that she won’t see her ring on every other girl at her bachelorette brunch or bridal shower. Your custom jeweler is making this ring only once, and only for you and your fiancé.


4. A custom ring can be very affordable


As the old saying goes, an engagement ring should cost about three-months salary for the groom-to-be and here are some groomsmen gift idea. Whatever your budget, you want to find the perfect ring to make your fiancé feel like a queen. A custom ring can seem to be a very expensive choice, but it doesn’t have to be. From Brio Fine Jewelry, a custom engagement ring can be more affordable than many stock rings at larger chain stores.


5. Customization adds to the romance


When you design a custom engagement ring, a great choice to make it even more romantic is personalized engraving. You can add personal details that are unique to your relationship with your wife-to-be.  You might choose to engrave the anniversary of your first date or even the date of when you plan to propose (if you are feeling very sure she will say yes!). A short quote or line of poetry is a nice touch to show how you feel about your special someone and your time together. Your bride-to-be will always cherish the extra thought that you put into her ring.



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