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Seven Busted Myths about Custom Jewelry

Custom designed jewelry is a hand-crafted jewelry, which has always been on-trend. The trending jewelry is commonly designed for an individual person rather than general public.


Its delicate design and exquisite appearance, make custom designed jewelry a popular choice for many people. But not every jewelry store provides custom designed jewelry and not all the customized jewelry is crafted by a professional artisan. 

However, since the trend of customized jewelry is relatively recent, a range of myths and misconceptions are now attached to this concept. Even though none of these misconceptions are true or have anything to do with reality, let us uncover some of these interesting myths which have been wrongfully associated with this art.

Let’s have a look!

1. Custom designed jewelry costs a fortune

This is absolutely a false myth. In fact, the cost of a custom-designed jewelry is highly adjustable because the jewelry is designed as per the user’s specification. The more expensive or rare gemstones, metals or embellishments a user needs, the more expensive the jewelry will be. Hence, custom-made jewelry is quite affordable and everyone having adequate budget can easily afford to get some these beautiful pieces.
Moreover, customized jewelry constituting of synthetic stones is relatively cheap and appears equally attractive, similar to natural jewelry. The good part of having synthetic custom jewelry is that no one apart from professional jeweler can determine if the gemstones are synthetic or natural.

2. Custom Jewelry is best for weddings only

A lot of people have this misconception that custom jewelry is solely suitable for wedding and engagement occasions. This is definitely not true. Also, considering the latest trends of jewelry, custom jewelry is highly in demand and the majority of these jewelry pieces are designed to be worn on a daily basis. 
Hence, no matter if you are attending a casual event or wearing a formal outfit, custom jewelry can be gifted as well as worn on all occasions and with all styles. Similarly, the jewelry stores provide custom jewelry for all occasions and designers craft it according to users’ preferences.

3. The design has to be simple 

Another wrong fact associated with custom designed jewelry is that; if you opt to get a custom made jewelry piece, you have to stick to simple design patterns. 
However, in recent times, custom jewelry is much more intricate and delicate in terms of both patterns and designs. Anyone who wishes to get a customized jewelry piece can opt for any design type and pattern.

While some hand-craft jewelers may refuse to design some highly delicate designs, with the help of software and latest design technology, it has now become much easier to incorporate any sort of design pattern and that too, with an added flair of hand engraving and hand finishing as per your preferences.

4. Custom jewelry takes time 

Well, this fact is somewhat true but only in comparison to ready-made jewelry. Since custom designed jewelry is made after incorporating the requirements of the user, its user-specific designing may take a bit longer than buying jewelry from the jewelry store. The detailed design process and meticulous craftsmanship, along with build, takes time to develop the desired piece of jewel. 


5. Custom jewelry is 100% user specific

While this can be only imagined, custom jewelry is not 100% user specific. A jewelry designer can accommodate all of the user preferences and try to make the jewelry piece that best appeals to customer’s specifications. But indeed, there is a rare possibility that you can get the 100% exact jewelry piece as you imagine in your mind. That is why it is important to specify only the most applicable and practical specifications so that you can bring it into reality

6. Custom jewelry lacks in design possibilities

Actually, this was true in the primary stage of custom jewelry designing but now the reality is much more different. Many of the craftsmen or jewelry designers now, use advanced level tools and software to create your dream jewelry design. The jewelers nowadays are much more equipped and well-versed with the state-of-the-art tools, plus, they can create such custom jewelry from any sort of material you like. So having so many options at disposal, it is quite easy to incorporate any design and to create a perfect jewelry piece for your loved one.

7. The user’s input is neglected

We must say that this depends on your choice of jewelry designer. If you choose to go with only the well-reputed jewelry designers such as offered by Brio then you are definite to receive the best of your imagined masterpiece. Professional designers sit down with the client as many times as needed, to design a perfect piece for them. They provide you equal opportunity to share your input at each level of custom designing and make sure that all of your desired patterns are fully accommodated in the final piece. They do not refuse or change the design patterns and try to make a realistic rendering through many advanced tools available.


Whenever you opt for custom designed jewelry, you must determine the customization approach undertaken by your jewelry designer. This should also include the tools and materials used throughout the process.
For instance, some jewelers may commit to incorporate environmentally safe design materials while fabricating your masterpiece. Others might go with toxic or some other harmful material or chemicals in the fabrication and soldering of your custom jewelry.
Hence, your best bet is to choose only well-reputed and professional jewelry designers. They will not only help you in designing the jewelry of your preference but with them, you can always discuss the details. 
Also, avoid believing any of the above-listed myths or misconceptions. The best way to work around such misconceptions is to get the professional insight from a reputed custom jewelry designer and make the most of their hand on experience. So put your creative hat on, and get your loved one, an exceptionally unique custom jewelry piece right away!

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