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Diamond Cuts – Seven Popular Wedding Ring Styles

Diamonds have always been a traditional preference for wedding rings. They are timeless and classic and one of the most popular center gem for jewelry in the entire world.


Diamonds are durable and they last for long. When it comes to the pleasure of buying a wedding diamond ring for your special one, it is a huge investment both emotionally and financially. A diamond wedding ring is the ultimate expression of devotion, worn by partners. Nonetheless, wedding rings complement each other just like your loved one complements you!
But the one thing that is most often overlooked is the cut of the diamond – something that adds to the brightness and sparkle of the gemstone and makes it a head turner. However, people usually confuse the term diamond cut with the diamond shape, although both terms refer to different aspects of diamonds, yet both add flair and clarity to a diamond’s exquisiteness.
So, before we introduce you to the seven popular wedding rings styles, let us first have a look at the difference between diamond shape and diamond cut.

Difference between Diamond Cut and Shape

The distinction between diamond cut and shape may be a bit confusing initially. A diamond shape is actually referred to its appearance, while the cut is typically the ability of the diamond to reflect light.
A cut is a design or style that is used for shaping the diamond for polishing like the brilliant cut. However, shape refers to oval, pear, round, etc. A cut unleashes the diamond’s light and it’s all about how well a diamond’s facets reflect and interact with light. 
Since now you know the basic difference between diamonds cut and shape, you can choose any cut for the wedding ring, i.e. perfect cut, too deep or too shallow, etc. However, the perfect jewel is the one which reflects all the aspects of gemstones with a fine balance. If you would only go with the cut but not shape, you might lose the charm of the jewel. Similarly, choosing the right style or shape with a perfect diamond cut can remarkably enhance the overall appearance of the wedding ring.















7 Popular Wedding Ring Style

To assist you in choosing only the best wedding ring for your loved one, here are the most popular wedding ring styles for you. Take a look at these beautiful ideas and put your creative hat on. After all, settling for less is no option when it comes to a wedding ring.   

Princess Cut

If you find the traditional round diamond a typical choice and want to move past the trend, your best bet is to go with a princess cut. Princess cut is one of the top-selling wedding ring styles and is also referred as the fancy cut. It is typically squared shape and reflects light uniquely due to its edges. 

Round Cut

It is not possible to avoid round diamond ring when it comes to a traditional wedding ring. Round diamond ring is a conventional ring style and gives out a classic flair. It is associated with royalty and never fails to take the first spot amongst the most popular wedding ring styles. The cut of a round diamond amplifies shine, brightness and a unique sparkle that’s unlike any. It’s a style that truly wows the crowd.

Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut is the most elegant and beautiful wedding ring style and a highly distinctive cut in appearance. If you have seen your woman wearing this cut, you must go with this wedding ring style. This is because the woman who prefers emerald cut is never afraid to be ahead of the curve and loves to wear a diamond that appears different. 

Also, in the case of any problems, you can always call back the professional and seek help. After all, your stunning jewelry is not only precious but also expensive. While you aim to maintain regular cleaning of your jewelry, always make sure that the professional jeweler holds good reputation and can be trusted with your precious gemstones.

By giving your jewelry the care it deserves, your stunning gemstones and accessories can stay sparkling and gleaming for every special occasion.

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Cushion Cut

This cut or style is neither round nor square but encompasses both. This cut is quite fancy as it’s a square with round corners. Therefore, it is also referred to as the ‘cushion’ (pillow) cut due to its shape.
Since this diamond cut has been there for almost 200 years, the cushion cut that you would find today might differ from vintage cut. Indeed, there is resurgence in popularity for cushion cut wedding rings and that what makes this style high on the list.


Marquise Cut

Marquise cut is football-shaped and a modified version of round diamonds. The cut creates a much-elongated illusion of the diamond and makes it look much longer. Marquise wedding ring, due to its large appearance, is a great way to maximize your budget because this style appears larger, covering more space on a finger than any other shape compared in carats. You can get this beautiful style lengthwise or may be horizontal – across the finger as you find it more appealing.

Pear Cut

A pear cut diamond holds excellent sheen and most appealing symmetry. In this cut the point of the diamond lines up with the center of rounded end. Similarly, the lower and upper curves on each diamond sides must form symmetrical curves. Pearl cut wedding rings look most beautiful when they are properly proportioned but you may need to search a bit longer to find the most complementing ring for your special one.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds have a royal feel to them in comparison to other modern cuts. However, this cut, which is the modified version of round cut, holds similar characteristics. You find the same brilliance, fire, and sparkle as you find in the round. Just like marquise, oval shapes too take up the illusion of larger sized diamond and appear much bigger when worn with a beautiful outfit of the wedding.
The above-shared wedding ring styles are the ones that are and have been the most popular choices for wedding ring styles. You can easily enhance the overall appeal of your wedding ring by adding some more colored gemstones or with delicate and elegant wedding bands.
A perfect wedding ring is all about complementing the wearer, so choose the style which best complements the personality of your loved one. Moreover, if you need some more information about customized jewelry or want the advice of a jewelry designer, head over to Brio right away! 

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